Best spots in Versailles from a local

When travelling, finding authentic places to visit and discover the country the local way is quite a luxury. As a Versailles citizen, I’m happy to share with you the best spots to eat, shop, go out and treat yourself in order for your trip to be memorable.

Restaurants, coffees & pastries

Positive Healthy Foods

I can’t tell you how happy I was when this healthy food restaurant opened in Versailles a few years ago! At the time, there was none. To this day, this is still my favorite spot in Versailles. For brunch, lunch or diner…it never disappoints. You’ll find everything your foodie spirit likes on the menu : avocado toast, quinoa bowl, smoothies, juices, etc. Plus, the owners are the most kind and genuine inspiring people.

The Stray Bean

For a sweet yet foamy matcha latte or a big slice of cake, I do recommend you have a break at The Stray Bean. This intimate little coffee shop has Australian and industrial vibes as a decor. Also, it’s a place I love bringing my laptop into for a work session since it’s very quiet.

Credits : @thestraybean

Le Pincemin

If you want to discover french traditional cuisine with a modern twist, this is the way to go. Opened by Xavien Pincemin, a TOP CHEF winner and apprentice of the one and only Gordon Ramsay, this place is perfect for an indulgent diner.

Credits : @lepincemin

Fine Pâtisserie

Created by Sébastien Serveau, a Parisian palace’s awarded chef, this pastry is where you need to go if you want to experience the finest sweet treats. He selects the most qualitative ingredients from the nearest producers in order to offer us the best french pastry has to offer with his own touch.

Credits : @serveausebastienpatisseriefine

Food Trucks

Le Camtar

Best healthy burgers in town for sure and actually the best I’ve ever had in my life. Its a one size fits all since you can have meat, vegetarian or vegan burgers. Everything is homemade from the bread and the fries to the iced tea.

Credits : @lecamtar


If you want a little coffee break during your walk in the castle’s park, I suggest you go the Queen Gate in order to find the cutest little red truck and Giuessepe communicative positive vibes. He does coffee the Italian traditional way and it’s delicious. Plus, you can have it served in a cookie cup!

Credits : @streetaly

Going out

Long Story Bar

Cocktail & Mocktail lovers…here is your spot !
Out of all the bars you can find in Versailles, this is one of the best with no doubt. Drinks are elaborated by a mixologist, and they make everything with fresh seasonal ingredients only. Plus, the traditional french bread and cheese boards are to die for.

Credits : @longstorybar


Rue de la Paroisse

This is the main street you can find a bunch of stores with mostly french brands.You have generical doors such as Sephora but you’ll have the chance to come across L’Occitane for beauty bits, Nicolas to get some french wine, Jacadi for kids clothes, Sandro, Maje & Claudie Pierlot for grown up clothes, Princesse Tam Tam for lingerie and Comptesse Du Barry for traditional french fine food.

Self Care

Hôtel de Beauté

If you want to experience the french way of taking care of yourself, this is definitely the spot. The place itself is insanely beautiful since it’s a renovated historical building right next to Versailles’s Castle. From facials, massages, nails, to hairdresser…it has everything, in one building only, which is fantastic. If you fancy yourself a moment in the hair chair, I will recommand you ask for Mathieu. He is the only one allowed with scissors and colors near my locks !

Credits : @hoteldebeaute_versailles

I could not end this article without talking about the castle of course. This is definitely a go to visit when planning a trip de Versailles. Here is my advice for you to have a smooth visit:

  • Get your tickets in advance.
  • Plan a visit during the week on mornings if you can.
  • Park access is free in March and during summer you can enter it from the Porte Saint Antoine to avoid the entry fees.
  • If you want to have a lunch/tea time there, here is one last secret adress:
    La Petite Venise.
Credits : @lapetitevenise

You can find this hidden gem, right next to the grand canal. Leave Angelina behind, you’ll not regret it.

Hoping this article will help you plan the most beautiful trip to Versailles and create awesome memories ! For any other recommendations, feel free to go on my instagram @marinemendes.

French Journalist. Lipsitck hoarder & glow from within believer.

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